Apollo Anywhere Server

Apollo Anywhere Server

The Apollo Anywhere Server is designed to optimize and dramatically increase the efficiency of mobile data communications over 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi and 4.9 GHz Wi-Fi. It transparently integrates the LAN environment with mobile (Wireless WAN) environments, providing a secure connection for the traveling mobile user.

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The system allows the remote user to connect into a LAN environment in a simple, secure, resilient, high speed and cost effective manner. Added benefits are high compression levels, fast packet loss recovery and dynamic, seamless switching between Wi-Fi bearers depending on their availability to the Apollo Anywhere Client.

By using session management, The Apollo Anywhere Server removes the uncertainty of using Wi-Fi networks to transfer vital information, so enabling critical applications to be supported in mobile and remote environments. Apollo does this by transparently integrating the two different Wi-Fi bearer technologies, at both the LAN end and in the field, providing automatic recovery from dropped connections.

The server is built on a resilient hardware chassis with dual PSUs, fans and disks and RAID5 disk arrays. The chassis is future-proofed allowing customers to scale and upgrade the product. Each server platform supports multiple servers and user groups and multiple WAN protocols.

Features of the Apollo Anywhere Server include status messaging along with comprehensive monitoring, management and control functionality. Session management is an integrated feature, as is support for RADIUS.

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