Efficient Network Bonding through Software Defined Networks

Allowing mutliple networks to be securely aggregated together for improved bandwidth capacity and resilience for data communications.

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Seamless Integration of Wireless Technologies

Offering reliable real-time network access whilst moving through different environments such as Wifi, GPRS, 3G, 4G LTE and Wimax, HSDPA, Tetra, DVB & GSM networks.

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Mobile Security Challenge

Brand is providing secure seamless mobility solutions including endpoint data security and encryption features and provides organisations with first class defence security.

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Secure, Flexible Mobile Access for Utilities

Brand is helping many utilities improve the business effectiveness of field service employees through the adoption of mobile data.

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Wireless Communications for High Speed Data Links

Delivering seamless, uninterrupted communications between train and trackside systems.

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Mobile Data is the enabler for officer efficiency and performance

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Secure "Anywhere" Mobile Connectivity

The Brand Apollo Solution provides companies with mobile communications middleware functionality. Apollo is a mobile VPN product, which provides secure connectivity over multiple communications channels. Brand Apollo's unique session managment and seamless roaming features enhance the usability of mobile communications.

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Seamless Experience

The ability to move between different wireless access environments is a essential but challenging problem for mobile users. The key to Brand's technology is the global seamless roaming which overcomes wireless network, geographical coverage limitations, low throughput & high latency problems.

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Ubiquitous Mobility

Today, Mobile Workers need the ability to communicate anywhere, anytime and have the ability to seamlessly roam between networks and carriers without interruption. Brand provides ubiquitous connectivity to the remote user, independent of the devices and connection technologies for an “always connected” solution.

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Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth bonding is designed to utilise the bandwidth of multiple device connections simultaneously giving you superior mobile connectivity. The Apollo solution aggregates all the wireless connections of bandwidth together such as 3G, Wifi, WiMAX and broadband to form a single virtual pipe.

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Mobilising the Enterprise

Brand has considerable experience in working with, and supplying infrastructure to utilities, enterprises and Telco networks. Its solutions have been proven all over the world and are critical to many corporate businesses on a daily basis.

  • Utilities
  • Public Safety
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Field Service

The Brand Solution delivers many unique factors to various business sectors

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