Apollo Mobility Overview

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Apollo Mobility Solution Overview

The Brand Apollo Solution provides users with mobile communications middleware functionality. Apollo is a mobile VPN LAN extension product, which provides secure connectivity over multiple communication channels. Brand Apollo’s unique session management, bandwidth bonding and seamless roaming features enhance the usability of communications over both mobile and fixed network.

The Apollo solution is responsible for setting up a robost, secure connection over the available communications channel, based on the pre-configured business rules. The Apollo solution provides a mobile VPN solution, which sets up an encrypted tunnel between the mobile device and enterprise network. Effectively, this solution extends the enterprise LAN to the mobile devices and enhances the usability of mobile communications channels through the advanced call management and session management features. It also provides comprehensive monitoring and control facilities to ensure the security of the solution.


Connection Management

Providing a reliable and cost effective connection to the enterprise systems. Features include:

• Compatibility with a range of communications channels (GSM, GPRS, 3G, WiFi etc) and modems / device drivers.
• Call recovery and reconnection without user intervention based on pre-configured rules
• Connection management - dropping off switched calls when unused
• Session Management used in the reconnection has been audited and approved by many different security organsiations.
• Intelligent Roaming - the user can seamlessly move from channel to channel even in unrelated networks such as 3G to PWLAN without disruption to the session or any application including PUSH which may be in progress at the time. This seamless mobility even includes VoIP which can maintain a call through the roaming process without either end being aware of the transition.
• Session maintains a constant IP address at the client even though many changes in the channel may have been experienced including the loss of connectivity. This constant IP address makes PUSH and application deployment very simple and negates the need for extensions such as Exchange Direct PUSH as constant synchronization can be enabled as a full LAN connection is maintained at all times whether the channel is wired, wireless or mobile.


Providing a secure medium over different communication channels. Features include:

• Authentication - compatibility with authentication and identity management system within the enterprise
• Encryption - strong military grade encryption which has been authorised for access to the Police National Computer in the UK.
• Full Certificate Management including certificate updating and revocation. The solution also includes extensions to the certificate layer to facilitate single sign on where one device maybe shared amongst many others.


Handling the complex technology transparent to the user. Features include:

• Automatic reconnection and session management across communications channels
• Compression and IP optimization to improve network throughput

Push Mode

• If a IP packet appears on the LAN for a remote user, Apollo will use either a packet connection or, if a context is not established, dial out over switched networks and deliver it. If the IT administrator wants to access that remote PC (to download a new piece of software) it can be done transparently because that user is on the LAN at all times and as such conventional LAN based management tools such as Microsoft SMS function transparently.

Integration with GPS

Brand solution includes a GPS transport layer for user / device tracking. This can be used for the following purposes:

• For improving the scheduling efficiency by using the real-time location of the field engineer.
• For complying with health and safety regulations related to lone-working.
• The solution has a DGPS interface to centrally calibrate field GPS receivers based on their location to improve their accuracy to 20cm and in doing so making then ideal for asset tracking and the identification and location of static field or underground items.
• It includes an alert button for triggering a request for assistance.
• The infrastructure comes complete with a mapping platform for tracking users or assets. The mapping platform has tools for locating the nearest engineer to a location or identifying assets or resources that meet a criteria in a given location.
• Operators can drag a window over an area of a map and Apollo will then send either a specific message, or a message from a bureau source to any device or device that meets a criteria who moves into or out of that defined area. This can be used for instance in cases where there is a major road incident and all users in or who move into a specific radius of the incident need to be made aware of it for avoidance purposes. It can also be used for alerting users in a specific radius of a major security alert. Messages can be either a push text window or push browser message.
• The Brand Apollo also has a WiFi based location service which can locate or effect actions on user devices as a function of the BSID of WLAN access points in view by the device.

Fleet Management

• The Brand solution includes the ability to connect to the vehicle OBD2 port either through either a wired or Bluetooth connection. This interface, transparent to the user and their device, sends back key vehicle information such as mileage to help identify service intervals or fault codes to pre-empt possible failures of the vehicle before they become serious. The interface can also be used in conjunction with the GPS ability to alert emergency services should an incident take place such as an airbag deployment.

Push Messaging

• The Brand solution includes a PUSH messaging engine that can either send a message to the remote device screen or launch a micro-browser and displaying a message, graphic or web page. This message can be sent to specific users, groups of users or all users. It can be either linked to the GPS engine and a message sent based on location or, alternatively it can be a message to engage the operators attention, redirect him to another location or to all users to inform of an planned maintenance to the system during the day.

Customer Care

• The Brand Apollo solution includes a complete customer care application which reports many aspects of the infrastructure and client device including client device battery levels, software versions, wireless or mobile signal strengths; it can even show if a PDA clam is open or closed (engineer viewing screen or not). The customer care can be visable to multiple host network personnel at the same time including operations, support or IT Management. The ability to manage and have tools to profile user behaviour, network faults or operational characteristics is essential in any large scale mobile project post deployment.

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